is the Spirit of
the Third Millenium


The Greenvangelical Manifesto

Released into the public domain
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We are worried about pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, nuclear accidents, strip mining, global warming, biodiversity, and sustainable development. We share a scientific sensibility, demand rational governance, and hold that the Earth needs to be defended.

Instead of working on fragmentary non-governmental organizations or minority political parties, we have reframed our concerns into a new religious faith, a spiritual and moral foundation for the third millennium.

Our faith is based on simple truths. The 11th Commandment is: Protect the Earth..

After thousands of years of "fruitfully multiplying", Humanity must slow our own reproduction, and leave more of the Earth for other species. Modern medicine and agriculture have rendered the need for large families obsolete. So we believe in Zero Population Growth and that it is morally correct to be tolerant of non-traditional family units as well as family planning and choice.

Because our new religion cannot grow through reproduction, it must grow through word-of-mouth evangelizing. We can do this by underwriting media like PBS and NPR, in order to attract new members of all races, religions, and nationalities from the ecoconscious, the Gaians, the Gays, the Brights, Progressives, feminists, and suburban yuppies (who relinquish their SUV's).

Finally, lets talk about God: We accept the Gaia Hypothesis on faith, that the Earth herself has miraculous powers of adaptive self-healing. But she needs our help and the help of all people and their Gods. Thus our members are allowed to keep and celebrate their existing God and religious beliefs.

Openness is the key to growth: Rather than rejecting other faiths, or competing for congregants, we will be a "Co-religion": We are the Green Christians, Green Jews, Green Buddhists, Green Hindus, and Green Muslims. We will not be excommunicated for our faith in Gaia.

We are ecologically sensitive. We either drive a Prius or want to. We like sermons (or blogs) about global warming, loose nukes, and biodiversity. Consistent with our faith, we admit our origins in shared Evolution with other creatures. We will establish our holy shrines in communities such as Love Canal, Bhopal, Chernobyl, and Rocky Flats as testaments to human greed overcoming common good.

As a religion, we will gain tax-exempt status, and will require a 1/4 of 1% tithe (only $250/year on a $100k salary), as well as ongoing charitable work focused on protecting the Earth. Within a decade, we will grow into a powerful and moral voice for progress.

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